Are You an MCC Success Story?

We are looking to gather success stories to share with the community to let them know about the variety of services provided at Montrose Counseling Center. If you are a current or former client and would like to tell us how we helped you through a rough patch in your life, please share your story. Whether it’s just a few words or several pages, we’d like to know how you’re doing. We are particularly interested in some of the people who needed us when we were on Lovett Boulevard or Richmond Avenue, along with previous Switchboard volunteers or former HATCH youth. You may remain anonymous through the website; however, if you’re brave enough to talk with us on camera, we are holding monthly in-person testimonials. The next videotaping will be held on Thursday, June 16, 3 – 7 p.m., in Room 113 at the GLBT Cultural Center, 401 Branard St. Contact us to schedule an appointment at 713.800.0880.