Recycle your cell phone!

Has the speed of changing technology turned your junk drawer into a cell phone graveyard? Well, those obsolete devices you let languish in silence could actually help someone.

Solution: Donate your old phones–working or not–to Montrose Counseling Center!

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How's Your Relationship with Food?

Understanding Eating Disorders
Thursday, March 15, 5pm

Fad Diets: What They Are & Why They Don’t Work
Wednesday, March 21, 6pm

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Don't Ask; Don't Know!

This headline grabbed our attention while reading an article by the American Lung Association on the prevalence of smoking among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. Ten years ago, the National Coalition for LGBT Health initiated the first LGBT Health Awareness Week. Here we are, a decade later, and we aren’t much further along. While most surveys and research studies “routinely collect data about age, gender, race and ethnicity, income and education levels,” sexual orientation and gender identity are ignored.

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Caring for You Every Month

Throughout March, we celebrate Social Work Month and the licensed Social Workers who are on staff with us as psychotherapists and case managers. We also honor our good friends at KPFT 90.1 FM’s Queer Voices who have helped us spread the word about the barriers the GLBT community faces when it comes to quality and affordable behavioral health services.

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We Make a Great Team

We have always worked closely with Legacy Community Health Services since its formation as Montrose Clinic in 1978 and incorporation in 1981. Both of us began with a driving commitment to take care of the physical and mental health needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities, later expanding services for those living with HIV/AIDS. We recently forged another joint project. On March 1, MCC began providing the Medical Case Management and Service Linkage services to Legacy’s patients.

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Sliding Down the Rainbow to the Pot O'Gold

Here we are in the final stretch until we don our green apparel for Bringin’ in the Green, and we are so close to our goal. Don’t miss our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, coming up on Friday, March 16 at the beautiful home of John Danielson, with hors d’oeuvre provided by Dwane Todd, Attorney at Law.

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Don’t Miss this Historic Performance Honoring U.S. Service Members

Montrose Counseling Center is proud to be a Bronze Star supporter of Bayou City Performing Arts much-anticipated March concert, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Coming Out Under Fire.

Join us at this historic concert to pay our respects to the many people who fought and the won the battle to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

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Hop to Help HATCH – Bunnies on the Bayou April 8

It’s hard to tell which is cuter, the logo for the 33rd Annual Bunnies on the Bayou festival, or the all the people in these photos. Good thing you don’t have to choose. In fact, you should probably check out the bunny ears and cotton tails, held on Easter Sunday, to make up your own mind.

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Tobacco is a Drag

There is a current trend for Community Health Facilities to become Tobacco-Free campuses, and Montrose Counseling Center is excited to become one as part of its ongoing commitment to overall wellness. As of June 1, smoking and all other tobacco products will be prohibited on the entire campus of MCC.

Over the course of the next several months, look for more information and details about our Tobacco-Free Campus.

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Will You Help Us?

We are looking at ways to improve our services and one way to do this is talk to YOU. Our next Quarterly Advisory Panel will be meeting in March, and we welcome your feedback.

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