Fearless Medicare – November 12

When you hear the word “Medicare,” do you want to run for cover? Whether you’re qualifying for coverage the first time this October, or if you’re reviewing your current plan, this educational group is geared for those who need someone to guide them through the process.

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Following the Current

The Montrose Center is one of the official hubs of the XIX International AIDS Conference that was held in Washington DC this year. If you weren’t able to attend the conference but want to join the conversation, we welcome you to attend one of three FREE presentations at Montrose Counseling Center. All sessions are open to the general public, however we do ask that you register online.

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Because Great LGBTQ Communities Begin With Great LGBTQ Community Centers

Montrose Counseling Center’s GLBT Cultural Center is proud to be affiliated with Centerlink in observing Saturday, September 15 as LGBT Community Center Awareness Day. Community building is one of our fundamental goals for GLBT Cultural Center. Montrose Counseling Center invites you to join our LOVE YOUR BLOCK landscaping party from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 6!

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Teach. Inspire. Get Paid!

Were you born to teach? The Montrose Center is recruiting all variety of educators—trained experts, creative geniuses, obscure hobbyists—to help us launch Houston’s first recreational learning program that is by, for and about the LGBT community. Here’s your chance to inspire (and get paid)!

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