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111 – Meeting/Classroom

111 - Meeting/Classroom

Perfect for classes, membership meetings, support groups and other group activities, these spaces are fully configurable with stack seating for… Read More »

112/113 – Reception/Dining Hall

112/113 - Reception/Dining Hall

This room is suitable for larger groups, meetings, and small receptions up to 55 people. Dependent on staff availability, the… Read More »

106 – Event Room

106 - Event Room

Ideal for large meetings/lectures, intimate performances, and film screenings that require flexible seating arrangements. The room includes stack seating for… Read More »

107 – Event Room

107 - Event Room

Perfect for receptions, ceremonies and gatherings. The room includes stack seating for up to 155 guests. This room comes with… Read More »

106/107 – Grand Event Hall

106/107 - Grand Event Hall

This is an outstanding venue for large fundraisers, dances, banquets, and art shows where entertainment is the focus. This rooms… Read More »