The Montrose Center Signs Open Letter Regarding COVID-19 With Over 100 Organizations

The Montrose Center signed an open letter authored by the National LGBT Cancer network outlining the added risks of COVID-19 to the LGBTQ+ individuals with over 100 additional organizations from across the country. As a the virus continues to spread across the country and here in Harris County, and as a leader in providing community and health programs and services to LGBTQ+ Houston for over forty years, the Montrose Center would be remiss if it did not inform its clients and the wider community about the additional risks COVID-19 poses to our community.

LGBTQ+ individuals are among those most vulnerable to the negative effects of the virus as our community has higher tobacco usage rates and rates of HIV and cancer than the general public. Further, our community is more likely to experience discrimination and lack of understanding from health care providers when seeking treatment. The community continually endures stigma in regards to health care, and the Center hopes to counteract that and ensure LGBTQ+ individuals are adequately served during this outbreak.

Read the full press release here regarding the open letter from the National LGBT Cancer Network, and for more information about how COVID-19 affects our community, please review our Center Wellness post.

To learn more about the National LGBT Cancer Network, visit their website.