General Rental Questions

[toggle Title=”What does (or doesn’t) my reservation include?”]The Community Center is intended to be a self-serve facility, so we keep it simple. Every reservation includes the following for you and your guests:

  • Free on-site parking
  • Building and room access during reservation (timed locks)
  • Stair & elevator access
  • Restrooms access (men’s, women’s and two single/non-gender specific)
  • Kitchenette access with refrigerator, freezer and ice machine
  • Limited number of tables and chairs (see room descriptions for quantity)
  • WiFi access
  • Pull down projection screens in 106 and 107

We do NOT provide any of the following, so please make your own arrangements for:

  • Extra chairs, tables and other fixtures not already in the room
  • Audio/video equipment, laptops or projectors
  • Storage
  • Supplies, pens, easels, etc.
  • Food & beverage

Additionally, moving of furniture between rooms is not an option. The items that are in a room must remain there, even if not used.

[toggle Title=”Am I eligible for the LGBTQ discount?”]

Reservations in the Community Center directly fund our services to Houston’s LGBTQ Community. However,  in addition to our already low fees, we also provide an LGBTQ discount for groups that meet the following criteria:

– a mission statement that is clearly and specifically directed to the LGBTQ community
– for organizations, agency-wide services that are primarily & specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the LGBTQ community
– for community/social groups, a member base which is comprised mostly of LGBTQ community members

We typically do not provide this discount for private/personal events or to individuals who happen to be LGBTQ. Generally speaking, the event must serve the community in some way.

Not sure if you’re eligible? Fill out your online reservation request as accurately as possible and we’ll assess your eligibility based on your form or follow-up for more information. For more about our rates, feel free to check out our Terms of Facility Use. [/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Are there opportunities for sponsorship/free room space?”]

Reservations in the Community Center directly fund our services to Houston’s LGBTQ Community. However, we strive to keep our rental fees as low as possible so that the space is accessible to all.

Some exceptions do exist:

Donors and sponsors who give at least $5,000 in any given year are eligible to receive space at no cost for the 12 calendar months after the gift date. Total reservation value cannot exceed $5,000. Occasionally, we may agree to provide a credit in exchange for services or in-kind gifts to the Montrose Center. If you receive credit in this manner, you must use these credits within 12 months after the exchange has occurred.

Non-profit organizations that serve under-served populations and diverse intersections within the LGBTQ community are sometimes eligible for sponsorship. Usually, but not always, this sponsorship is reserved for groups who specifically serve transgender and/or LGBTQ+POC communities.

In exchange for sponsorship, we ask that you list the Montrose Center as a sponsor and/or include our logo in any promotions, and if appropriate, allow us to attend your event and/or share the Montrose Center’s mission with your guests on the day of your event.

If you are interested in applying for this type of sponsorship, simply mention this in the event description field of your online reservation request. We’ll follow up with you and assess your eligibility from there.


[toggle Title=”I’m here for my reservation but the room is locked. What should I do?”]If you have arrived earlier than your scheduled setup or start time, please wait until that time to again attempt to enter the room. Be sure to check the event schedule (the screen across from the elevators) to confirm the time and room number for your event. If you have confirmed the room number and it is your meeting time or past your meeting time, call 713-529-0037 and provide the room number. In most cases, this can be remedied within a few minutes.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Who sets up tables and chairs? And can we have extra?”]You are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs to suit your needs, and for putting them back after your event. Please be sure to include adequate set-up and clean-up time in your reservation request. Each room comes with a fixed number of tables, chairs and fixtures (see Rooms & Rates). Borrowing furniture from other rooms is not allowed, and we are not equipped to handle requests for additional seating; however, you may bring your own additional furniture as needed.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”My group isn’t LGBTQ-oriented. May we still rent space?”] Of course! Space is offered to non-partisan and non-for-profit groups and individuals for purposes that are compatible with our mission of empowering LGBTQ Houston. We welcome all who are committed to maintaining our center as a safe and affirming place for LGBT people![/toggle]

[toggle Title=”May for-profit companies rent space?”] It depends. At this time, we are unable to rent space to for-profit businesses if a fee will be charged for attendance or a service will be provided or advertised during the event. Businesses may hold staff-only training events, sponsor or participate in events hosted by other nonprofit/not-for-profit groups at the Center, provided that there is no direct promotion or sale of goods or services taking place in conjunction with those events.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Does the Center have a projector or laptop I can borrow or rent?”]Not at this time. Room 106 & 107 both have a retractable screen to project video onto and all first floor rooms have at least one white wall for this purpose. Please plan to provide your own projector and or any other tech needed. Room 111 has a dry-erase white board available for use — please supply your own dry erase markers.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Does the Center offer internet access?”]WiFi is available to renting guests at no charge! More information will be included in your confirmation email.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Is there a place to store items overnight?”]Currently, we do not offer storage outside of the room being rented. If you happen to be renting a room for the evening (9pm or later) as well as the following morning, please double check with our staff to make sure you may safely store your items in the room overnight. Without express permission, please do not leave items in rooms overnight.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Are pets/animals allowed in the building?”]Service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are welcome in the building. All other animals and pets must stay outside for the protection of our guests and the animals, too![/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Is it OK to bring children to the Center?”]Children accompanied by an adult are always welcome in the facility itself. However, it is up to the organizer of each event or meeting whether to admit minors. Also, be aware that some of displays within the center may be adult-themed. We trust you to use your best judgment. Always keep an eye on kiddos while in the building to avoid injuries/damage.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Where can I smoke?”]Smoking, vaping and other tobacco use are not permitted anywhere on the property, including outside areas. Please refrain from tobacco use while in or around the Center. If you must smoke, please do so outside of the fence surrounding the perimeter of our parking lot and building.[/toggle]

Payment Information

[toggle Title=”Do I have to pay online?”] You may pay in person by the due date with credit, cash, check, or money order at our 2nd floor reception desk, Monday-Friday, 8am – 7pm. We discourage mailing of payments in order to ensure that your payment is received by the due date. [/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Why do I have to enter a credit card number on the reservation form?”]The credit card information you entered is used in the event that we have not received a payment or a cancellation notice for your reservation by the due date (3 days before your event). It may also be used for incidental charges including damages and additional clean-up if necessary. You will receive notice of any incidental charges before the transaction takes place. You will not receive notice for standard rental and service fee charges if past the due date.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Is my group/event eligible to receive the LGBTQ discounted rate?”] To determine your eligibility for the discounted LGBTQ rate, the Montrose Center looks for any of the following criteria: a mission statement that is clearly and specifically directed to the LGBTQ community; for organizations, agency-wide services that are primarily & specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the LGBTQ community; for community/social groups, a member base which is comprised mostly of LGBTQ community members. Please include any proof of these criteria in your event description on the online reservation request form and we will assess accordingly! [/toggle]

Issues or Concerns

[toggle Title=”I feel unsafe here. What should I do?”]If your personal safety is threatened due to the actions or behavior of another, or if you witness a crime taking place, call 911 immediately and do your best to get out of harm’s way. If you are not in danger but are feeling harassed or verbally abused by another person or group, please use your best judgment to call law enforcement and be sure to report the matter to us with facts and details about the incident. Contact info is listed on our website and in your confirmation email. The Community Center is intended to be a safe, affirming and welcoming place for all. Verbal and physical abuse of any kind is never acceptable or tolerated.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”The power went out. What should I do?”]Call 713-529-0037 and give details about the outage (Is it the entire floor or one room/outlet?). Outages isolated to one room are almost always caused by overloading the electrical outlets, so please resist the urge to do this. On evenings and weekends, it may take quite a while to remedy due to limited staff availability.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Another group is in my space. What should I do?”]First, check the event schedule (the screen across from the elevators) to confirm the time and room number for your event. It is possible that your room number has changed since the original confirmation. If the information is correct and your room is still occupied, politely explain to the group that you have a reservation. If this does not resolve things, please call 713-529-0037 and explain the situation.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Another group is making too much noise! What should I do?”]We ask all renters to be reasonable and courteous with one another in our shared spaces. If you feel that another group is disrupting your activities, please approach them like a neighbor and politely share your concern. If noise persists, please call 713-529-0037 and explain the situation. In the future, if your group needs a quieter setting, please notify us so that we can do a better job of accommodating you.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”We made a mess. What should I do?”]There are cleaning supplies, a mop and a broom in the janitor’s closet (the code for entry will be included in your confirmation email). We appreciate you for making the room clean and presentable for the next guest, and it keeps our rental costs down![/toggle]

[toggle Title=”The trash can in our room is full. What should I do?”]All guests are asked to empty their trash in the dumpster before leaving. This doesn’t always happen. Please remove the trash to the dumpsters outside and, if you choose, report the problem to us via email. You are encouraged to send photos via email so that the group who left the mess can be charged an appropriate cleaning free. You’ll find extra liners in the janitor closet if you need them (the code for entry is in your confirmation email!). Please consider that you may be in a position to clean the room before use, including taking out trash, and/or sweeping or mopping, as we do not provide staff assistance for events after business hours. [/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Uh-oh. We broke something. What should I do?”]Accidents happen. If damage occurs during your visit, please do the right thing and report it to us. Call us immediately at 713-529-0037 if the damage presents a safety risk – such as power outage, exit or elevator functioning, flooding, or holes in the walls or flooring. “Wear and tear” is less urgent, but we’d rather hear it from you than discover it later. Per our Terms of Use, the renting organization or individual is ultimately responsible for damages, so good communication is important to reaching a resolution.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”I lost/left something in the Center. Where do I claim it?”]Please call 713-529-0037 to inquire about any items that have been turned in or found by staff. If we find something, we usually hold on to it for a few days in case anyone calls to claim it. Naturally, we cannot be responsible for belongings left unattended, so please keep an eye on your stuff![/toggle]

[toggle Title=”I need to speak with someone right away!”]For immediate assistance, or to report malfunctions, damage, or incidents, please call 713-529-0037. You may also visit the 2nd floor reception desk during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm). Call 911 in case of a medical emergency or to report criminal activity in progress. We do not recommend replying to your confirmation email unless your message can wait. [/toggle]