What amenities does (or doesn't) my reservation include?

Can I pay without using PayPal?

Why do I have to enter a credit card number on the reservation form?

Who sets up tables and chairs? And can we have extra?

My group isn't LGBT-oriented. May we still rent space?

May for-profit companies rent space?

I feel unsafe here. What should I do?

The room I reserved is locked. What should I do?

The power went out. What should I do?

Another group is in my space. What should I do?

Another group is making too much noise! What should I do?

We made a mess. What should I do?

The trash can in our room is full. What should I do?

Uh-oh. We broke something. What should I do?

I lost/left something in the Center. Where do I claim it?

Does the Center have audiovisual equipment?

Does the Center offer internet access?

Is there a place to store items overnight?

Are pets/animals allowed in the building?

Is it OK to bring children to the Center?

Is there a dance floor in the event hall (106/107)?

Are there designated smoking areas on the property?

Where can I find an employee or attendant?