Individual Opportunities

For every service and program we offer, there are many volunteers who work behind the scenes, providing their skills, time, and energy to make our services possible—all while connecting with other like-minded individuals. Our work is not possible without our dedicated volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer is simple!

Step 1: Read about our ongoing individual volunteer application.

Step 2: Complete a volunteer application

Step 3: Attend volunteer orientation

We thank you for your interest!


  • Looking for volunteer opportunities that work for your busy schedule? Join the Montrose Center Event League and volunteer at LGBTQ community events such as galas, private parties, walks, and grand events held by LGBTQ and ally agencies. Every year the Montrose Center provides hundreds of volunteers to events throughout the community. Just by joining and going to orientation you will receive email notifications of the community’s top events and can attend at no cost to you if you volunteer. Make great new friends and help us build community one event at a time! (Open to groups as well.)
  • Montrose Center Leaders support their Center by leading tours, plugging new volunteers into programming, assisting on committees, producing events, coordinating Event League volunteers, and making sure the day-to-day operations of the Center are covered.
  • Cyber Center Attendants oversee the Montrose Center’s daily computer lab, providing minor troubleshooting with applications such as Word and assists users with the Internet and printing. Volunteers are not expected to provide formal instruction to users, and we welcome attendants with previous computer experience.
  • Equal Grounds Café Champions oversee the daily operations of the Montrose Center’s community coffee shop. Café Champions are often the first face the Montrose Center sees, so we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers who love people and can offer a 6-month commitment.

Health & Wellness

  • Administrative Volunteers are the lifeblood of our clinical services team. Beyond filing and copying, our administrative volunteers ensure that clients and staff have correct paperwork; volunteers also support wellness program’s data collection.
  • AssistHers Volunteers work on teams to support chronically ill lesbians live their lives as normally as possible.
  • Violence Recovery Program Volunteers take our semiannual crisis intervention training to support clients in crisis, either on our 24-hour helpline or in-person at the Center.
  • The Volunteer Interpreter Program employs volunteers as interpreters to support LGBTQ refugee and asylum seeking clients in accessing Montrose Center services and connecting to the broader LGBTQ Houston community.
  • Wellness Class Instructors & Peer Group Facilitators complement the Center’s commitment to stress reduction and overall wellness. Instructors and facilitators generate their own leadership at the Montrose Center by providing their skills and talents to lead groups of their peers. Wellness classes include yoga, Zumba, meditation, walking group, reading group, etc. Peer groups include bi/pan discussion group, art group, transgender support group, etc.

Youth Services

  • Hatch Youth Facilitators are our on-the-ground leaders who support our youth drop-in Center running smoothly and effectively. Volunteers must be 25 and have experience working with LGBTQ youth.
  • Hatch Youth Program Volunteers lead an hour-long program with youth based on needs and interests of Youth Services Staff and Steering Committee.

Elder services

  • Montrose Diner Volunteers ensure that 75 hot meals are served every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Center to LGBTQ seniors. Volunteers also engage seniors in activities and conversation.
  • Senior Activities Assistants support Elder Services staff in producing monthly events at the Center, including potlucks, movie afternoons, game days, etc.